I was born in 1994 to Cuban immigrants in Miami, FL. Growing up in a city that singlehandedly combines some of the most interesting people alive with some of the most beautifully picturesque sceneries of the world, I was training my eye for aesthetics from a very early age.

I saved up to buy my first camera when I was a young and ambitious teenager. I taught myself the settings and invested in all the extra gadgetry. Soon, I was documenting stills varying from the idyllic nature of Miami’s famous ocean shore, to the bustling metropolitan destination that was Downtown, and even to the diverse and fascinating individuals that I felt needed to be captured in time.

When I turned 18, I moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University. I used my savings to purchase a more professional camera, and finally decided to turn this hobby into a career path.

4 years later, with the help of FSU’s Seminole Productions, WFSU-TV, Swatch Magazine, Matt Burke Photo, among many others, I gained experience in portrait, fashion, sports, promotional, and documentary photography and videography which is incorporated into photography. My professional development has encouraged me to travel and see the world—and I know that I am going to continue exploring and learning about all of it, capturing every step of my journey from behind my lens.



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